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Nationwide Spay/Neuter Assistance and Information

created in 2001 by ~Barb, AnimalResources and contained until mid-2008 on the webpage titled Neuter/Spay Assistance and Information ~ Oregon, Washington, Nationwide with the url

Spay Neuter News :: Trap-Neuter-RETURN (TNR) News :: Spay Day USA now World Spay Day
STATEWIDE Spay Neuter Directories
NATIONWIDE Spay Neuter Assistance
NATIONWIDE Spay Neuter Information
* Esterilizar :: Sobrepoblacion :: Capturar-Esterilizar-Soltar
>> Esterilizar Informacion en Espanol - Spay/Neuter Information in Spanish
* Spay Neuter for Kids!
* Early (Pediatric) Spay/Neuter
* Spay Neuter Reports :: Spay Neuter Studies :: Spay Neuter Research :: Spay Neuter Analysis
* Spay Neuter Veterinarians
* Spay Neuter Conferences :: Trap-Neuter-Return Conferences
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Spay Neuter News Today! :: Pet Sterilization News Today! [thanks to!]

Spay Day USA now World Spay Day (as of 2012)
World Spay Day February 2014 > click on Find an Event

STATEWIDE Spay/Neuter Directories

Please help make spay/neuter listings in your state complete and avoid duplication or reinvention. Share new spay/neuter listings and corrections with an EXISTING comprehensive directory in your state, or help create one! Most listings below are still incomplete. Please e-mail if you know of a most-comprehensive or complete statewide listing.

Alabama: Spay Alabama (since 2007)
Alaska: Friends of Pets and Alaska STOP
Arkansas: Spay Arkansas
Arizona: Spay Neuter Hotline Counties covered are Coconino, Maricopa, Mohave, Pima, Graham, Yavapai and Other Counties.
California: CA Healthy Pets - see downloadable listing also
Colorado: Save Colorado Pets grantees (owned pets only) :: Spay Colorado (est. May 2008)
Connecticut: Animal Welfare Federation of Connecticut list
Delaware: short download: Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs
Florida: Spay Florida (reorganized August 2008) and - Florida Spay Neuter Directory
Georgia: Spay Georgia and SPOT (Atlanta and rural areas)
Idaho: Spay Neuter Idaho scroll down for short list
Illinois: Pact Humane Society
Indiana: Spay Neuter Services of Indiana :: Indiana PAW :: Spay Neuter League, Inc.
Iowa: SNAP Iowa
Kentucky: Agriculture > Animal Control - click to download Kentucky 2009 Spay/Neuter Programs
Louisiana: Spay Louisiana * [disappeared in June 2007]
Maine: Help! Fix Me Maine
Maryland: partial listing :: Southern Maryland Spay :: Maryland SPCA programs
Massachusetts: Massachusetts Animal Coalition
Michigan: Spay Michigan :: TLC cat sterilization programs listing
Minnesota: Minnesota Spay/Neuter Project
Mississippi: Mississippi Spay and Neuter (SPAN) >> Events and Organizations
Missouri: Metro Animal
Montana: Neuter/Spay Montana directory (since Jan 2009)
New Hampshire: Animal Population Control Program [a national model for state-funded spay/neuter!] Spay/Neuter Hotline: 800-990-SPAY (7729)
New Jersey: New Jersey Animal Rights Alliance (NJARA)
New Mexico: Animal Protection of New Mexico 2009-2010 Petroglyphs 2007
North Carolina: Spay North Carolina Triangle area
North Dakota: Minn-Kota PAAWS Moorhead, Minnesota, Fargo, North Dakota and their surrounding areas.
Oklahoma: Spay Oklahoma
Oregon: Neuter/Spay Oregon > Oregon Spay/Neuter Directory (since 2001)
South Carolina: Spay SC January 2011 NO LONGER ONLINE
Tennessee: SNOPTN Spay Neuter Outreach Program of Tennessee
Texas: Spay Texas
Utah: Utah Pets and Wasatch Humane
Vermont: V-SNIP statewide
Virginia: Spay Virginia
Washington: Neuter/Spay Washington > Washington Spay/Neuter Directory (since 2001)
Wisconsin: Spay Wisconsin
Wyoming: Central Wyoming Spay/Neuter Foundation Cheyenne Animal Shelter >> Big Fix

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NATIONWIDE Spay/Neuter Assistance :: National Spay/Neuter

World Spay Day 2014 > click on Find an Event

In June 2010 I posted a "New nationwide spay neuter financial aid program!" but they have no funds for this new endeavor so I do not know why they tried to expand to "nationwide.":
IMOM (In Memory of Magic)
You find a spay/neuter clinic and IMOM provides financial aid, when funds are available (check notice on webpage with application link.) IMOM limits the number of pets funded to two per household, amount contributed is considered by individual case. Complete online application, get two estimates and ask the veterinarians to fax to IMOM.
See IMOM webpage for complete details and instructions.

“Between 1999 and 2009, 3.89% of all our emergency cases were for an illness that could absolutely have been prevented if the female pet had been spayed - pyometra.”

Friends of Animals
Darien CT
Pet owners may purchase a certificate from Friends of Animals that can be used for a routine spay or neuter surgery at any of FoA's participating veterinary hospitals.
Spaying and Neutering Certificates may be purchased on-line. Or to order by mail call 1-800-321-PETS (1-800-321-7387) and request an application.
Veterinarians are invited to call for information about participating.

Port Washington NY
Call Spay/USA to get the names, phone numbers, and prices of services that have agreed to provide lower cost spay/neutering for cats and dogs in your local area. Private veterinarians, community programs, and special clinics participate nationwide. If your area needs additional spay/neuter services, request Spay/USA's packet of materials to distribute to local vets and organizations.

Love That Cat and Pets911 below are included in this section but are national information listings, they do not provide financial assistance.

Love That Cat
State by state listing of Low-cost & Free Spay/Neuter Programs in US
Note: This listing is still included to honor its value as an original national resource but it has not been updated for years, does not include links, and they do not reply to provided updates.

Pets 911 - A Partnership for Pets
Click on Vet & Neuter, enter zip code, click on categories listed below.
January 2008: "We have reorganized the entire left side menu bar to make it easier for you to find shelters, pets and events.
Vet & Neuter - All searches involving veterinarians originate from one button now. Now you can access information all in one place about local veterinarians, emergency hospitals, spay and neuter services, low cost spay and neuter services, the Spay USA program, and community specific special spay/neuter events, special vaccination clinics and microchipping clinics."

NATIONWIDE Spay/Neuter Information :: National Spay Neuter

Alley Cat Allies
Bethesda Maryland
Alley Cat Allies, is a national nonprofit clearinghouse for information on feral and stray cats. For more than a decade Alley Cat Allies has advocated trap-neuter-return (TNR) - the most humane and effective method to reduce feral cat populations. Promotes annual National Feral Cat Day.

The Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACC&D)
ACC&D is an international, collaborative effort to save the lives of dogs and cats and to reduce their numbers through developing non-surgical technologies for the humane control of cat and dog populations.

American Partnership for Pets
A United Voice for a Common Cause. A National Collaborative Focus on Spay/Neuter. Brought America the Neuter or Spay stamps from the U.S. Postal Service in 2002. Mission: The American Partnership for Pets will work toward a nation of no more unwanted and homeless pets. American Partnership for Pets is a program of Prevent a Litter Coalition, Inc.

ASPCA Professional (previously Imagine Humane - see below)
September 2007: ASPCA Pro is a reformat of Imagine Humane content with some new additions. (Imagine Humane was created just a few years ago and was a reformat in part of materials originally posted on the Resources webpages of Best Friends / No More Homeless Pets; a Best Friends employee moved to ASPCA.)
See materials on Spay/Neuter and Feral Cats.

Report by The Spay Neuter Resource Group - February 2007
No longer available online at the Meow Foundation. Available at Animal Alliance of Canada Low Cost Spay Neuter Guide
downloadable pdf file

The Dog Hause
Links to Spay/Neuter Information.

Doris Day Animal Foundation (DDAF)
Washington DC
The Doris Day Animal Foundation, which pioneered such landmark projects as “Spay Day USA” – responsible for more than one-million spays and neuters -- is returning to its roots to “help animals and the people who love them.” In August 2006 the Doris Day Animal League (DDAL) merged with The Humane Society of the United States which now sponsors Spay Day USA.

Fix-It Forum National Spay and Neuter Network and Training Conference
A one-time conference: October 25-27, 2007 -- Doubletree Hotel, Oakbrook, IL
Choose From More Than 30 Workshops on Topics Like:
• Program and clinic management
• Spay/Neuter delivery models for all communities
• Veterinary protocols
• Fundraising for spay/neuter
• Planning for maximum impact on pet populations
Fix-It Forum Recordings hosted on PetSmart Charities webpage

House Rabbit Society Spay Neuter Page
FAQ on spaying and neutering rabbits.

Humane Alliance has operated a high-volume spay/neuter clinic targeted to low-income pet owners since 1994. They work with 30 animal organizations (including shelter facilities, rescue organizations, and humane societies) across 22 counties in western NC. Later Humane Alliance included a transport component to manage its cost structure. In January 2005 Humane Alliance started the National Spay/Neuter Response Team (NSNRT). Their mission is to mentor and train organizations to open and operate strategically placed high-volume, high-quality, targeted, affordable, spay/neuter clinics across the nation.

Humane Society of the US (HSUS) Feral Cat Program
Feral cat resources

September 2007: Imagine Humane is now ASPCA Professional (see above)

Maddie's Fund
Provide grant funding for spay/neuter programs as a component of community, veterinary medical association, and veterinary medical school programs.

Neuter Neuter Land
Promote neuter with humor, have fun with it and help end the Pet Kill Crisis.

No Kill Advocacy Center previously No Kill Solutions

No More Homeless Pets (NMHP) - Best Friends Society
Promote spay/neuter programs; host and provide articles about spay/neuter.

Nooters Club - Promoting spay neuter and no more homeless pets.
Apparel and Gift Store, Nonprofit Fundraising, Veterinary Marketing, Retail Promotions. NOOTERS CLUB® pet lover gifts promote spay and neuter and responsible pet guardianship. We are dedicated to helping to reduce pet overpopulation by raising awareness and increasing access to pet spay and neuter. A percent of proceeds from our apparel and gift items goes to nonprofit spay and neuter funds.

Pawprints and Purrs - Home of the Bachman Kiddens
"Stop Abuse - Don't Litter! Spay and Neuter"

The Pet Savers Foundation. [June 2007 - this website is no longer] [September 2008 - new website online]
Published "Paws to Think", a quarterly magazine about homeless animal management including spay/neuter. Another program was the annual Conference for Homeless Animal Management and Policy (CHAMP). See also Southern Regional Spay/Neuter Conference below.

PetSmart Charities
Grants for spay/neuter including feral or free-roaming cats (Trap-Neuter-Return).
Webinars on: Spay/Neuter :: Free-Roaming Cats
Fix-It Forum National Spay and Neuter Networking and Training Conference
[also a separate listing alphabetically under Nationwide Information above]

Pit Bull Rescue Central (PBRC)
Where Education Meets Rescue
FREE & Low Cost Spay/Neuter Programs for Pit Bulls - Nationwide listing by state
Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Financial Assistance for Individual Owners
Grants to Nonprofit Groups for Pit Bull Spay/Neuter Programs
* Support our Spay and Neuter Fund With a Magnetic Car Ribbon *

Prevent-A-Litter Coalition (PALC)
Centreville and Alexandria VA
Dedicated to ending the tragedy of homeless and abandoned pets. Campaigns include Spay/Neuter Your Pet Stamp Out! Postage Stamp (the Neuter or Spay U.S. Postage Stamp), American Partnership for Pets, and information/analysis on animal-friendly license plates (AFLPs) to generate state, county or city spay/neuter funds.

Rural Area Veterinary Services (RAVS)
Salinas CA
Rural Area Veterinary Services is a non-profit program of The Humane Society of the United States. RAVS brings free veterinary services to under served rural communities around the globe where no other animal services exist, including communities on Native American reservations throughout the United States and in rural Appalachian counties. Volunteer veterinary students work with experienced veterinarians to provide essential animal health services such as sterilizations and vaccinations, as well as educational programs on a variety of topics including disease prevention and humane animal care.

Save Our Strays (SOS)
[June 2007 - website back online!] [January 2005 -- This website is currently being updated!]
Publications and services on how we can end pet overpopulation, save our strays, and improve community animal management. Save Our Strays is a website of Bob Christiansen, author of the book "Save Our Strays: How We Can End Pet Overpopulation and Stop Killing Healthy Cats and Dogs", a comprehensive blueprint published in 1998. Bob is President of the Atlanta Animal Alliance, and Project CatSnip, a mobile spay/neuter program.

The Rabbit and Ferret Spay & Neuter Page
Rabbits and Ferrets should be spayed or neutered too!

Southern Regional Spay/Neuter Leadership Conference
"The initial Southern Regional Leadership Conference series took place between 1998 and 2004, first in Arkansas and then in Louisiana. These conferences were conceived and coordinated by SPAY/USA founder Esther Mechler, as part of an effort to specifically address the challenging, uniquely Southern obstacles to spay/neuter assistance.
The 2005 conference "was coordinated by five animal welfare advocates from five southern states, who all felt that this event should continue beyond the original conference series."
September 13-16, 2007 was held in Memphis Tennessee.

Spay Day USA (now a project of HSUS since the August 2006 merger with Doris Day Animal League)

USDA Information Resources on Spaying and Neutering Cats, Dogs and Related Wildlife
Published by: U. S. Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Research Service, National Agricultural Library, Animal Welfare Information Center
General / Surgical Techniques / Anesthesia and Analgesia / General Alternatives to Surgical Techniques / Chemical Sterilization / Hormonal Methods of Contraception / Immunological Approaches to Contraception / Complications Resulting from Sterilization/Contraception Techniques / Related Behavior Topics / Early Spay-Neuter / Pet Population Control / Wildlife Contraception / Teaching Spay-Neuter / Proceedings / Audiovisuals / Selected Web Sites

What's New with Spay/Neuter?

Dr. Brenda Griffin, June 2005
(no longer on the Auburn U website, so this is the DVM News Magazine article)

Esterilizar :: Sobrepoblacion :: Capturar-Esterilizar-Soltar >> Esterilizar Informacion en Espanol - Spay/Neuter Information in Spanish

This list is informational, not a recommendation of content or to purchase!

ASPCA > Why Spay or Neuter Flyer, Por Que Esterilizar Flyer (Pack of 100)
"This flyer presents the facts and debunks misconceptions about the spaying/neutering of companion animals. Available in English and Spanish. Grade 6-adult, pack of 100 copies."

downloadable doc file: Por Que Esterilizar a Sus Mascotas?
[Why Spay/Neuter your Pets?]- Doris Day Animal Foundation and Humane Society of Puerto Rico
[2008: no longer available online]

From SNAP US (Texas):
Datos de sobrepoblacion
[Overpopulation Facts]

La verdad detrás de los mitos sobre esterilización y castración
[The Truth Behind Spaying and Neutering Myths]

Beneficios de Salud de la Esterilización y Castración
[Health Benefits]

Beneficios y Comportamiento en Animales que han sido Esterilizados o Castrados
[Behavior Benefits]

Preguntas frecuentes sobre la esterilización y castración de animales
[Commonly Asked Questions about Spaying and Neutering]

From Neighborhood Cats (NYC)
downloadable pdf file: Capturar-Esterilizar-Soltar: Trabajo con los gatos callejeros
Trap-Neuter-Return Mini-course in Spanish
Neighborhood Cats > Resources Articles Also available in English :: French :: Chinese :: Arabic :: Japanese

Trap-Neuter-Return Doorhangers and other feral cat / TNR publications in Spanish and English
Alley Cat Allies Tools
¿Está alimentando a gatos callejaros? Are you feeding stray cats?
"A sure way to let your neighbors know what you’re up to—and find out who is also feeding cats—when it’s time to start or expand your TNR efforts. These convenient doorhangers explain the benefits of Trap-Neuter-Return and assure concerned residents that your program will improve the cats’ lives. Written in English and Spanish, these doorhangers have space for your contact information."

September 2006 new on Best Friends / No More Homeless Pets' Spay/Neuter Resources webpage:
Castre a su Mascota! (Spay or Neuter Your Pet!)
This brochure talks about the benefits of spaying and neutering pets and also counteracts some of the myths.
downloadable pdf file: Spanish Version

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Spay Neuter for Kids!

Spay Now! The Game of Taking Care of Your Pets
"Inspired by the plight of homeless pets, two young girls of A Girl's World Online Clubhouse in collaboration with the North County Humane Society helped create "Spay Now", a web-based game that is both fun and educational because it encourages users to spay/neuter their pets."

Spay Day USA (HSUS)
Coloring/Essay Contest: photocopy and distribute—hold a contest for kids and award prizes!
downloadable pdf

Best Friends: Lesson Plan - Pet Overpopulation Scroll
An art project that demonstrates the importance of spaying and neutering pets. Online Lessons
Companion Animals
"Companion Animal Overpopulation" Math Sheet (ages 8-10)
downloadable pdf:

Learn North Carolina: Lesson Plans
Too Many Pets, Too Few Homes
Students examine the problem of pet overpopulation both in the United States and in North Carolina. Students will learn about the importance of spaying and neutering in combating pet overpopulation.
For Grades 3–4 Social Studies
by Barbara Lapointe and Kathleen Johnson

ASPCA Online Store:
Throwaways and its Spanish-language equivalent, Rechazados
This video explores many of the common misconceptions about spaying or neutering pets and outlines simple steps we can take to end the pet overpopulation problem.
Grades 6 to adult

National Association for Humane and Environmental Education (NAHEE):
Too Much of a Good Thing! - Teaching Poster
An estimated 6-8 million cats and dogs enter animal shelters every year, and only about half of them will find homes. Teach about the problem of pet overpopulation and solutions with this kid-friendly poster. Illustrates the consequences of allowing pets to breed, the many benefits of spay/neuter surgery, and why adopting is the way to go.
Designed for elementary and middle grades.

House Hunters: Youth lesson plan for third- and fourth-graders calls for having students race to find homes for their kittens and puppies. At the end of the game, the class realizes there aren’t enough homes for every animal in need.
Critters with Character Lesson Plans™ > grades 3 & 4: 113 pages;
Each Critters with Character book includes 30 teacher-reviewed, ready-to-use lesson plans.
Humane Society Youth (HSUS)

The Tale of the Feral - Care and Multiplication of Feral Cats
Grades 5 to 8. Math, Science, Character
Humane Society > Youth Outreach > Resources for Parents and Educators > Tweens (age 10-12)
downloadable pdf file:

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Spay Neuter Reports :: Spay Neuter Studies :: Spay Neuter Research :: Spay Neuter Analysis
see also Early (Pediatric) Spay Neuter

Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACCD) 4th Symposium Proceedings, April 2010

January 12, 2010
PetSmart Charities > Research
2009 Pet Overpopulation, Spay/Neuter and Adoption Attitude and Awareness Study
Nationally representative sample by Ipsos Marketing measuring awareness, identifying motivators and barriers, gauging attitude differences by U.S. region.

March 2009
Humane Society of the United States > Gulf Coast Spay Neuter Campaign
See marketing materials used in the spay/neuter campaign launched by The HSUS in November 2008 in three pilot regions: Shreveport Louisiana, Jackson Mississippi and Gulfport Mississippi. Download the Final Report: Messaging Spay Neuter Lessons from the Gulf Coast Spay Neuter Campaign.
[See also Phase I below.]

January 2009: Presentations (Powerpoint and Podcasts) were placed online from the October 2008 Third National Spay Neuter Conference in Chicago.
[also listed below on this webpage under Spay/Neuter Conferences.]

The Association of Shelter Veterinarians veterinary medical care guidelines for spay-neuter programs
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association (JAVMA)
July 01, 2008, Vol. 233, No. 1, Pages 74-86
doi: 10.2460/javma.233.1.74

Determining the optimal age for gonadectomy of dogs and cats
Margaret V. Root Kustritz, DVM, PhD, DACT
Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Minnesota, Saint Paul, MN 55108. (Kustritz)
Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association
December 1, 2007, Vol. 231, No. 11, Pages 1665-1675
doi: 10.2460/javma.231.11.1665
see links for downloadable pdf file

Gulf Coast Pet Research Project - Phase I
March 2007
Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Maddie's Fund
downloadable pdf file
Includes survey results regarding Louisiana and Mississippi pet ownership, pet overpopulation, spay/neuter attitudes and status in preparation for next phase spay/neuter marketing.

Spay Neuter Veterinarians:
downloadable pdf file: Strategies for Recruiting and Retaining Spay/Neuter Veterinarians
published September 2007
James R. Weedon, DVM, MPH
CEO Spay-Neuter Assistance Program (SNAP), Inc.,
Houston, Texas
December 2006: The Veterinary Task Force to Advance High Quality, High Volume Spay/Neuter was sponsored by ASPCA® and PetSmart Charities®.

Finding a Spay/Neuter Veterinarian
Humane Alliance (HA) - National Spay Neuter Response Team (NSNRT)

Feral Cat Veterinary Care
Alley Cat Allies

downloadable pdf file: 2007 Tennessee Spay Neuter Workshop Presentations

Surgical methods of contraception and sterilization
L.M. Howe / Theriogenology 66 (2006) 500–509 504
downloadable pdf file:
1. Introduction
2. Traditional midline ovariohysterectomy
3. Lateral flank approach for ovariohysterectomy
4. Castration
5. Early age gonadectomy
5.1. Outcome–risks versus benefits
6. Ovariectomy
7. Laparoscopic ovariohysterectomy and ovariectomy
8. Vasectomy
9. Summary

Handsel Foundation >> Initiative to evaluate strategic grants
downloadable pdf file: Findings from Handsel Foundation Research on Program Evaluation, with emphasis on Spay/Neuter
prepared by Humane Research Council from Handsel Foundation research, October 2006

Non-surgical methods of contraception and sterilization. Theriogenology, Volume 66, Issue 3, Pages 514 - 525 M. Kutzler, A. Wood.
August 2006 - a review of alternative approaches to surgical sterilization.

The Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACCD)
Proceedings of the Third International Symposium on Non-Surgical Contraceptive Methods for Pet Population Control
November 2006
Section IV The Math, Myth and Management of Pet Population
Estimate of Spay Neuter Surgeries in the United States and Opportunities for More Affordable Nonsurgical Sterilization
Non-Surgical Sterilants for Pet Population Control: Are They Worth the Investment? – Joyce Briggs
downloadable pdf file:

Executive Summary for "The Big Fix: Ending Animal Euthanasia in Los Angeles City Shelters"
by Shannon Baker-Branstetter & Peggy Trento
March 24, 2005
For complete PDF version of Applied Policy Project
[download the pdf file then go to Appendix VII - The 70% Rule]

[ Citations for The 70% Rule:

Street Dog & Feral Cat Sterilization and Vaccination Efforts Must Get 70% or Flunk
ANIMAL PEOPLE, October 2002

Prime Directive on Trap-Neuter-Return [the 70% rule]
ANIMAL PEOPLE, March 2004 ]

Research from Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education to Promote Animal Welfare (FIREPAW):

On Maddie's Fund website:

"Cross-Program Statistical Analysis of Maddie’s Fund Programs," 2004
The size, scope, and rigorous data collection standards of Maddie’s Fund programs presents an unprecedented opportunity to analyze the impact of spay/neuter and adoption programs. This report statistically analyzes some of these impacts, including how spay/neuter rates affect shelter intake, how discount spay/neuter surgeries affect non-discount spay/neuter surgeries, and how no-kill adoption programs affect animal control adoptions.
downloadable pdf file: Firepaw Program Analysis

On FIREPAW'S Research Publications webpage:

Frank, J & Carlisle-Frank, P (2006). Analysis of programs to reduce overpopulation of companion animals: do adoption and low-cost spay/neuter programs merely cause substitution of sources? Accepted by the Journal of Ecological Economics, October, 2006.

Frank, J. (2004). An Interactive Model of Human and Companion Animal Dynamics: The Ecology and Economics of Dog Overpopulation and the Human Costs of Addressing the Problem, Journal of Human Ecology, 32(1) 107-130.

Carlisle-Frank, P., Frank, J. (2003). "Analysis of Results Summary for Lodi & Utah", Maddie's Fund Newsletter & Website, August Issue. See

Frank, J. & Carlisle-Frank, P. (2003). "The Dynamics of Spay-Neuter" Paws to Think Magazine, Pet Savers Foundation, Summer, 2(3), 12-13.

Frank, J. & Carlisle-Frank, P. (2003). "Why People Do Not Spay/Neuter" Paws to Think Pet Savers Foundation, Autumn, 2(4), 13-16.

Frank, J. (2002). The Actual Contribution and Potential Contribution of Economics to Animal Welfare Issues. Society and Animals, 10 (4).
[relevant excerpt]
Companion Animal Overpopulation
Current estimates indicate that about 4 to 5 million companion animals are put to death in shelters every year (Animal People, 2001). One of the more promising techniques for addressing this problem, subsidized spay-neuter programs, has been the subject of controversy. Some researchers have argued that these financial incentives are not effective at controlling animal populations (Beck, 1983; Rowan & Williams, 1987; Schneider, 1975; MacKay 1993). Yet others see evidence that these programs are effective (Rush, 1985; Arkow, 1985; Hodge, 1976). This is an example of an economic debate carried out by non-economists, leading sometimes to oversimplification of key issues. For example, low response to spay/neuter programs has often been cited as evidence that they are ineffective, yet there is evidence that even a very small change in the spay/neuter rate can have a powerful impact on long-term population size (Frank, 2001 and Animal People, 1994).

Frank, J. (2002). The importance of time-scale in measuring the cost-effectiveness of spay/neuter programs. In Maddie's Fund Newsletter.

Frank, J. (2002). Companion animals as economic goods and methods of minimizing the cost of unwanted animals: An executive summary. In Maddie's Fund Newsletter.

Frank, J. (2001). Companion animals as economic goods and methods of minimizing the cost of unwanted animals. Dissertation, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Frank, J. (2001). Companion Animals as Economics Goods and Methods of Minimizing the Cost of Unwanted Animals: An Executive Summary. In Spay USA Newsletter and Doing Things for Animals (DTFA) Newsletter.

Previous analysis and results of Maddie's Fund Programs (2002-2005):
Maddie's Fund / FIREPAW Collaboration
FIREPAW has teamed up with Maddie's Fund to create the architectural structure for a national database collection system and to perform data collection and statistical analyses to identify the best methods for ending the killing of healthy and treatable shelter animals. Click the links below to read a brief overview of some of our research:
Analysis of Utah results
Analysis of Lodi results
Analysis of Alabama results
Analysis of Florida results

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Spay Neuter Conferences
[other than recent conferences, these have been and are listed above separately under Nationwide Spay Neuter Information as well]

The Humane Alliance - The SNIP! Summit
A National Conference for Spay/Neuter Industry Professionals

March 31 – April 2, 2011
The Grove Park Inn, Asheville, North Carolina
As the only national training center in the country for high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter (HQHVSN), the Humane Alliance is hosting this national conference to educate professionals in all aspects of operating a spay/neuter program.
The SNIP! Summit will offer more than thirty-six workshops, special sessions, forums, and wet labs in order to share proven strategies and techniques of HQHVSN program work. There will also be a special track for spay/neuter veterinarians and veterinary technicians.

The Alliance for Contraception in Cats and Dogs (ACCD)

Fix-It Forum National Spay and Neuter Network and Training Conference
A one-time conference: October 25-27, 2007 -- Doubletree Hotel, Oakbrook, IL

Mississippi Spay Neuter Conference
Was held July 21, 2007 in Raymond Mississippi. Hosted by Mississippi SPAN.

Tennessee 2007 Spay/Neuter Workshop
downloadable: All Presentations
hosted by Companion Animal Institute of Tennessee (CAIT)

PetSmart Charities Resources
PetSmart Charities Webinars - check for upcoming webinars
Previously recorded webinars:
Free Roaming Cats

Southern Regional Spay/Neuter Leadership Conference
* See Third National Spay/Neuter Conference below

Spay Texas 877-TEX-SPAY (877-839-7729)
Spay Texas Conference was held October 6, 2007 in Waco Texas. Hosted by the Animal Birth Control Clinic of Waco.

Third National Spay/Neuter Conference
Chicago Illinois - October 2008
January 2009: Presentations (Powerpoint and Podcasts) were placed online from the October 2008 Third National Spay Neuter Conference in Chicago.
[also listed above on this webpage under Spay Neuter Reports :: Spay Neuter Studies :: Spay Neuter Research :: Spay Neuter Analysis]

See also: EVENTS for Cat Advocacy, Cat Management and Trap-Neuter-RETURN (TNR)

See also: annual conference agendas for No Kill Advocacy Center No Kill Conferences, Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) Animal Care Expo and American Humane Association (AHA) which include some spay/neuter, trap-neuter-return or feral cat workshops.

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Disclaimer: Neuter/spay programs operate with differing guidelines. Some work only with the pets of people who have low incomes, others serve only pet cats or only feral (untamed, free roaming) cats - without regard to the income level of the owner or caretaker, and others serve all kinds of people and pets. Please contact the program for current details and criteria.
If you obtain updated information on a listed program or know about other low cost or free spay/neuter programs, please contact me with the information so this resource remains timely and accurate. Listings are updated at least monthly.

Inclusion of a program or resource on this webpage does not signify recommendation or endorsement of a program or policy.

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See also Neuter/Spay Washington.

Other projects by ~Barb, AnimalResources:

Feral Cats in the News ~ the Feral Cat Blog!
Daily national and global cat news, information and resources to actively use for cat advocacy and cat management.

Cat Management in Communities

Early (Pediatric) Spay Neuter

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